Foreclosure Prevention Counseling

H.O.M.E. of Mackinac County offers free foreclosure prevention counseling

Behind on your mortgage or property tax payments? If foreclosure prevention counseling is needed, it is important to take action. We urge you to call for more information and schedule an appointment as soon as possible. At our office, we provide information about the foreclosure process. We also look for solutions to help homeowners stay in their homes. Don’t risk losing your home– call today!

Perhaps you know you can no longer afford to stay in your home. We will work with you to plan a graceful exit, creating a plan to move forward. This may including selling your home or working with your lender to determine if you qualify for a deed in lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys or other programs to avoid foreclosure and eviction. Understanding your options and creating a plan will make your next steps in this process less stressful. Let us help!

To fill out our intake packet, click the links below:

Household Profile – Latest Version with SS

Program Disclosure

Privacy Policy

Monthly Budget 17 K

2017 Agreement and Release of Information


To learn more, visit the links below:



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